Mean girls 2 is a 2011 American teen film directed by Melanie Mayron.It’s a remake version of Mean girls1 which is very entertaining movie in all aspects especially acting makes it much better as compared to the acting in mean girls 2 which does not really deserves this title.

Tim Meadows is the only person from the mean girls1 but he has done bad job in this movie too or may be it’s all due to the plot of the story which does not matches the theme of the movie MEAN GIRLS.The Plastics in this film does not really behaves like plastics and have no connection with the main girl Jo other than she is friend of her enemy Abby and why is she enemy because Abby is richer than Mandi, so mainly it’s not about to be mean but to be jealous.In mean girls 1 cady exposes plastics and take them down with a polite attitude that you feel sad about her innocence but in this movie it’s hard to say who are the plastics and who are not because even when Jo is suppose to be polite her facial expression looks like other plastics so I think it would have been great if they have replaced Jo to the plastics.

I don’t think I would recommend this movie to anyone and if anyone really want’s to watch mean girls I would recommend the first one as it’s way better than the second one and more entertaining.

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