The Lorax

Sound produces a big effect in films as it expresses all the feelings of joy, happiness, sorrow,regret,childhood and so many more.The Lorax movie is a wonderful message about protecting environment.The cast includes the Lorax played by Danny DeVito,  Ted by Zac Efron, the Once-ler by Ed Helms, Antagonist O’Hare by Rob Riggle,  Ted’s Grammy Norma by Betty White and Audrey by Taylor Swift .

All the songs are so good, heart touching,imaginative and full of message,I really like the song “LET IT GROW” by Ed helms because I think it gives the idea of the main theme for which the movie is made.Zac Efron and tyler swift act together making very beautiful music.There are 13 songs all together written and composed by John powell,“Reach For The Sun” in which (Zac Efron) who encounters the Lorax who is the only hope for him to get the girl of his dreams (Tyler swift).

The Lorax is a really good movie to watch for person of any age as it’s full of lesson and entertainment.All the singers Danny DeVito, Betty White,Zac Efron,Tyler swift and others add a lot of fun with their beautiful voices which leads you deep in imagination to think bout saving your environment in a serious and creative way.

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One Response to The Lorax

  1. coltonl says:

    I like how your analysis shows how important original songs were to the movie. Do you agree with the musical choices in the score or songs, and do you consider “The Lorax” to be a movie musical?

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