Pretty in Pink is a 1986 American film, directed by Howard Deutch, produced by Lauren Shuler and written by John Hughes.The movie revolves around a High school senior girl Andie Walsh played by Molly Ringwald who is a working-class girl and has a crush on one of the rich boy in her school, Blane McDonough played by Andrew McCarthy. When Andie and Blane get together, they have to face so many problems because of their society.

In the end of the movie Andie makes a beautiful prom dress after getting rejected by Blane but to be honest the designer had done a very bad job in designing the costumes,Even the rich guy wears same or may be worse than the other students. Also the lighting effects in the movie is not really good as most parts of the  movie appears to be very dark where it’s difficult to see what’s going on in the movie.

Although the film made US$6,065,870 during its opening weekend and $40,471,663 during its theatrical run. This movie was the 22nd highest-grossing film in 1986 but I would not really recommend this movie because for some reason I did not like it but not everyone would think the same way I do so if you want to see a real 1980s romantic and comedy movie I would recommend this movie.

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3 Responses to PRETTY IN PINK

  1. abbygroovy says:

    I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day! It’s a great movie. John Hughes was the king of these types of movies, and rightfully so.

  2. karolinekl says:

    I think you wrote a good blog! You have your own, clear opinion, where you write what you think was good about the movie, and what you think wasn’t. You also mentioned a lot of interesting facts about the movie, that I without research wouldn’t know. Well anyways, I think you wrote a good film report, so good job!.

  3. sanchcar says:

    Good movie review! You are honest about the movie plot and pretty pink doesn’t seem like a movie to watch since i hate bad lighting effects.

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