Mean girls 2 is a 2011 American teen film directed by Melanie Mayron.It’s a remake version of Mean girls1 which is very entertaining movie in all aspects especially acting makes it much better as compared to the acting in mean girls 2 which does not really deserves this title.

Tim Meadows is the only person from the mean girls1 but he has done bad job in this movie too or may be it’s all due to the plot of the story which does not matches the theme of the movie MEAN GIRLS.The Plastics in this film does not really behaves like plastics and have no connection with the main girl Jo other than she is friend of her enemy Abby and why is she enemy because Abby is richer than Mandi, so mainly it’s not about to be mean but to be jealous.In mean girls 1 cady exposes plastics and take them down with a polite attitude that you feel sad about her innocence but in this movie it’s hard to say who are the plastics and who are not because even when Jo is suppose to be polite her facial expression looks like other plastics so I think it would have been great if they have replaced Jo to the plastics.

I don’t think I would recommend this movie to anyone and if anyone really want’s to watch mean girls I would recommend the first one as it’s way better than the second one and more entertaining.

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The Lorax

Sound produces a big effect in films as it expresses all the feelings of joy, happiness, sorrow,regret,childhood and so many more.The Lorax movie is a wonderful message about protecting environment.The cast includes the Lorax played by Danny DeVito,  Ted by Zac Efron, the Once-ler by Ed Helms, Antagonist O’Hare by Rob Riggle,  Ted’s Grammy Norma by Betty White and Audrey by Taylor Swift .

All the songs are so good, heart touching,imaginative and full of message,I really like the song “LET IT GROW” by Ed helms because I think it gives the idea of the main theme for which the movie is made.Zac Efron and tyler swift act together making very beautiful music.There are 13 songs all together written and composed by John powell,“Reach For The Sun” in which (Zac Efron) who encounters the Lorax who is the only hope for him to get the girl of his dreams (Tyler swift).

The Lorax is a really good movie to watch for person of any age as it’s full of lesson and entertainment.All the singers Danny DeVito, Betty White,Zac Efron,Tyler swift and others add a lot of fun with their beautiful voices which leads you deep in imagination to think bout saving your environment in a serious and creative way.

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Pretty in Pink is a 1986 American film, directed by Howard Deutch, produced by Lauren Shuler and written by John Hughes.The movie revolves around a High school senior girl Andie Walsh played by Molly Ringwald who is a working-class girl and has a crush on one of the rich boy in her school, Blane McDonough played by Andrew McCarthy. When Andie and Blane get together, they have to face so many problems because of their society.

In the end of the movie Andie makes a beautiful prom dress after getting rejected by Blane but to be honest the designer had done a very bad job in designing the costumes,Even the rich guy wears same or may be worse than the other students. Also the lighting effects in the movie is not really good as most parts of the  movie appears to be very dark where it’s difficult to see what’s going on in the movie.

Although the film made US$6,065,870 during its opening weekend and $40,471,663 during its theatrical run. This movie was the 22nd highest-grossing film in 1986 but I would not really recommend this movie because for some reason I did not like it but not everyone would think the same way I do so if you want to see a real 1980s romantic and comedy movie I would recommend this movie.

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Jack the giant slayer

Who does not know about “Jack and the beanstalk” and “jack the giant killer” both are very good bed time stories for kids but in different ways and for different reasons , one is adventurous,fun and full of magic; this one is for little cute kids to have a good dreams   while the other is violent, full of myth and adventurous and to make kids strong and now when you combine it, it loses it’s effectiveness.

Jack the Giant Slayer is a 2013 American fantasy adventure film combining 2 stories “Jack the Giant Killer” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”.The plot is about a young farm boy,Jack and princess Isabelle who lives in a  Kingdom of Cloister, where they are fascinated by the legend of Erik by hearing stories from his father and Isabelle from her mom and both have a great desire for an adventure.Erik is an ancient king who defeated an army of invading giants  in the sky by controlling them with a magical crown.After 10 years jack is sent to the town to sell a horse where he saves Isabelle  from thugs and fall in love with her.In a same time Lord roderick finds out that a monk has robed him and he sends his people behind him and that monk gives Jack those beans which he stole.Jack’s uncle scolds him and throws the beans while Isabelle also leaves the castle because her dad wants her to marry roderick. In search of place to hide and shelter she comes to Jacks house meanwhile it starts raining and one bean takes root in seconds and grow into a huge tree and takes Isabelle while jack falls down.King people finds Isabelle bracelet besides him and suspect him but after telling everything he,Roderick,wicke and some other people volunteer to go up there and save the princess. story starts at this point as they climb and discovers the giants.

I really like how the movie was started with telling the story of king Erik but still there was no suspense and good and entertaining or fun magic in the movie.Whole movie is pretty serious and wild of course as all they are doing is chasing giants and killing them,not one but thousands of them.The theme of the movie was pretty clear in the first half of the movie.I think it would be great if they have a little suspense in the movie.I would recommend this movie for one who likes such mix up of stories and  like such adventures as I think this movie was okay.

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